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Keto Test Strips

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      •  Freshest test strips on the market: our strips are made in small batches so they are always fresh & accurate
      • Reliable results: These strips are lab tested, medical grade and doctor developed to give accurate results with precision.
      • Easy testing & fast results: Pee on a strip or dip in a cup. Tap or shake excess off then wait 40 secs. Compare to the color chart to determine if you are in ketosis.
      • Portable: We have purposely designed our bottles to be small enough to take on the go. It can easily fit in your purse or pocket
      • Video demo: Just watch our short video to learn how to accurately use your strips and learn tips on how to get accurate results every time.


iThrive Nutrition Ketone Test Strips

🌱Test Your Ketone Levels to See if You Are In Ketosis

🌱See what foods & supplements kick you out of ketosis

🌱100 Lab-grade test strips in every bottle

🌱Quick easy ketones testing

🌱Great for newbies


Our Advantages:

✅ Doctor Approved

✅ Small batch production makes high accuracy strips

✅ Long shelf life: 2 years unopened, 90 days opened

✅ Dark, sealed anti-moisture bottle

✅ Leaflet with large color chart

✅ Video demo with instructions and tips

✅ Cheaper & faster than testing with blood or breath ketone meter

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